Dragon Quest IX Log: Quest #139

Quest #139: Has Sellma Sold Out?

Finally had the chance to fire up Dragon Quest IX again today after not being able to play much in the last couple of weeks and one of the things I really wanted to get to was finish Quest #139: Has Sellma Sold Out?, a recent DLC Quest that allows the player to recruit Sellma — DQIX’s resident DQVC host — from Errin’s Inn to join your team. Like, Patty, after successfully completing the quest she’ll be able to join you on your adventures as a playable character, initially of the Priest class unless you decide to grant her a new vocation.

Here’s how to go about completing Quest #139 and recruiting Sellma (I’ll try to keep it relatively clear of story specifics) :

At Erinn’s Inn, speak to Sellma behind the counter, and then to Erinn, where she will (cautiously) direct you to the banker in the Inn. Speak to the banker from behind the counter and you will receive the Guestbook. Then return to to Sellma behind the counter where she’ll ask to see the Guestbook, and will proceed to peruse its contents. Leave the inn and you will see a scene shedding light on why she needed the Guestbook. Following the scene, head to Gleeba. At Gleeba, enter the palace and make your way to the Plumbed Depths (accessed through the Queen’s bathing quarters) and make your way through the dungeon until you see a small scene upon entering through the Magic door. From there, make your way to the Graveyard and descend the secret stairs to level B3. A scene will follow between Sellma and an infamous crime boss. Following the scene you will fight his beloved pet (certainly no problem for anyone who’s beaten the game, or likely above Lv. 30).  Following its defeat there will be a scene between the player and Sellma. Once the scene has ended return to Stornway and speak to Sellma behind the counter where she’ll happily reward you for your aid. Upon completion of the quest Sellma will join your party anytime you need her help.

I still haven’t settled on a vocation for her just yet (I already have a powerful Priest) but I’m leaning towards a Martial Artist or Warrior as she doesn’t immediately come off as such and that sounds kind of fun.

Now if only they’d make Pavo a playable character! It would be great to play as a Celestrian, particularly if you could utilize her great[er] power during the Post-Game Content, grotto hunting, et al.


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