Nintendo Power Celebrates 25 Years of the NES!

Now what notable RPG character sprite is missing?

For your viewing pleasure, the November issue of Nintendo Power celebrates 25 Years of the Nintendo Entertainment System, and does so in fine fashion with a silver retro cover  featuring the iconic sprites of the many classic NES games that released on the system, fold out Mario Poster (informing us that, alas, our princess is in another castle) and a 26-page feature celebrating the NES/Famicom console with a look back at the system’s ultra-successful history, tributes by some of the most famous game talent in the industry, as well as articles on the classic games and heroes that have attained  legendary status in the years that followed. I haven’t finished the issue in full yet, but it’s a nice tribute, and I appreciate that Nintendo Power took the time and money to to take us on a trip back. This issue might be worth tracking down at a local retailer if you don’t currently have a subscription.

Anyhow, I think I’ll leave my own first experiences with the NES for a future post here in the near future, but I definitely wanted to pause for a moment to commemorate the anniversary and think back to those glory days. Enjoy the sprites!

*And the answer I was looking for was Dragon Warrior’s hero, Loto!


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    […]Nintendo Power Celebrates 25 Years of the NES! « Quester's Log[…]…

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    […]Nintendo Power Celebrates 25 Years of the NES! « Quester's Log[…]…

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