Valkyria Chronicles II: Final BLiTZ Codes [Updated]

Hopefully everyone that’s stumbled upon the Quester’s Log has heard of Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) and its PSP sequel Valkyria Chronicles II. The former is in my opinion the PS3’s best SRPG, let alone one of the system’s best games; and the latter is Sega’s follow-up, a game that allows players to take Valkyria Chronicles with them on the go.

Truly the sequel (and the recently announced 3rd entry in the series also debuting on the PSP) owes its existence not only to the solid concept of the original Valkyria Chronicles, and abundant critical praise, but also to a loyal fan base who loudly supported the game here in America and ultimately made the game a success story for Sega of America.

And as a way of thanking fans for supporting the series, the Sega of America blog has been providing DLC codes for Valkyria Chronicles II that unlock special bonuses, such as characters from the original game (Selvaria Bles among them!), clothing for your troops, and stickers from Sonic the Hedgehog to Skies of Arcadia to adorn your tanks. There have been numerous codes handed out to date that you can glean from in their Community BLiTZ newsletters and you’ll be glad that you did as there’s some neat stuff to be had there for use in-game. But they say that all good things must come to an end and today’s update will be the last. But apparently they’re going out with a bang and will be releasing four final codes that they’re excited enough about to partner up with the Official Playstation Blog to help get the word out. Very cool of them to do all of this I gotta say.

Here are the final four BLiTZ codes, though I hear we shouldn’t necessarily rule out more DLC down the road:


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