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Torchlight’s 1-Year Anniversary
October 28, 2010

I wanted to take a moment to pass along a reminder that Torchlight, Runic’s well received Action Role-Playing game, is roughly half-off its retail price of $19.99 until later this evening, totaling just $10 after the discount (for the PC version).

If you’re the kind that enjoys a good discount, but would still like to get your hands on the game first, you can download the free demo of the game and begin playing through the first dungeons to see if its something that you’d enjoy before actually purchasing it (I mention this point, as well,  because  upon purchase you can activate your account directly from the previously installed demo and that turned out to be awful convenient).

I had heard buzz that the game was a lot of fun when it was released a year ago, but hadn’t had the opportunity to really follow up on it until yesterday when I caught wind of the anniversary sale. I fired up the demo after a fairly quick installation and 5-minutes in found myself exploring my first dungeon and, yes, having a really good time doing so. It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to treat myself to the game as a “reward” to myself for making it through a heck of a work week. I think it’ll end up being more than worth the price.

More on Torchlight’s Anniversary from Runic Games:

One year ago on the fateful day of October 27, 2009, a day that will live as a legend in our mind, a barely heard-of studio launched its first title: Torchlight.

Word of Ember blazed to life! Dungeon-crawler fans rejoiced, and our moms were proud. Because of you, Torchlight found a home and became a success. Because you love playing Torchlight and encouraged your friends to check it out, we are able to be here a year later, making Torchlight II. Our simple principle of making the type of game we want to play and doing so as efficiently as possible resonated with you. We’ve loved seeing your screenshots and hearing about your fire-ball casting pet cats. We were just as excited as you, when you unlocked the Horse level and found the Sword of Adam. We have a great team that cares about the work we do, we have great distribution partners, and most importantly we have an awesome community. Thank you for supporting us! We can’t wait to share everything that’s next with you all.

We are celebrating Torchlight’s one year PC anniversary with a 50% sale, for 48 hours on our site. Beginning October 27th at 8am PST, you can get Torchlight for PC at for $10. Sale ends October 29th at 8am PST. This ensures everyone in their respective time-zones gets a chance to take advantage of the party! Tell your friends! And as always, thank you for playing.


“Topped by Cute”
October 27, 2010


(yes, that’s my inner “Dad,” uncle to three nieces surfacing)

I stumbled upon this freaking adorable piece today and had to share it here. Some of my fondest gaming memories have come playing The Legend of Zelda (would that one day I can play the Mother/Earthbound series to see what that hub-bub is all about) and the illustration succeeded in capturing the same whimsy that I appreciate so much in the LoZ series.

That, and it’s always appropriate to post something inspired by Wind Waker.

Topped by Cute by swammi

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Remake
October 27, 2010

Atlus announced in Japan today that the company is remaking Persona 2: Innocent Sin (a project not unlike the recent Persona remake I would wager), and while there has been no confirmation as of yet that Atlus USA is localizing the title, I would be surprised if they didn’t seeing as how the United States didn’t see the release of Innocent Sin at all, and that in remaking this (and likely Eternal Punishment) that the West would have the entire series, remade, and nicely caught up with Persona 4 as we anxiously await the 5th entry in the extremely popular Persona series.

More on Persona 2: Innocent Sin, punching Hitler in the face (undoubtedly one of the reasons we didn’t see the game the first time around, but who wouldn’t want to see that!?) and any confirmation of a localization as that news becomes available.

* Speaking of Persona 5, I know that I can’t wait to hear what Atlus has in store for us when more on that game is revealed, but to tell you the truth, I don’t mind if they hold off a little longer, especially with news of remakes like this, as I’ve still got plenty to get out of game play to squeeze out of both Persona 3:FES (not to mention P3p) and Persona 4 before I’d even be able to consider playing the 5th entry. I really have enjoyed all that I’ve played of the Persona series thus far though.

Parasite Eve Coming to the PlayStation Network (Japan)
October 26, 2010

In early November, as a way of promoting the upcoming release of The 3rd Birthday (PSP), Square-Enix is releasing the PlayStation originals Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 which star The 3rd Birthday’s Aya Brea, for Japan’s Playstation Network. This has the potential to be good news for us as The 3rd Birthday will ultimately be coming to U.S. shores in the months to come so there’s a chance that Sony and Square-Enix could bring the localized versions pf PE and PE2 to the U.S. PlayStation Network as well.

I count myself as the happy owner of both Parasite Eve games, but I’m really excited at the possibility of owning these to take with me on the go (how cool would that be)! To that end, if you’d like to see these as well, and have a moment to shoot them an e-mail telling them you’d support the game, please drop Sony and Square-Enix a line to let them know.

I’ll certainly update you with any additional news.

Club Nintendo: Commemorating Mario’s 25th Anniversary!
October 21, 2010

As no doubt you’ve caught wind of this past year, Nintendo’s venerable mascot Mario turns 25 this year, alongside the original Nintendo Entertainment System no less, and Nintendo has been celebrating in fine fashion with the release of US bound commemorative Wii consoles, DS goodies, Nintendo Power features, the works (even Toys ‘R Us recently had a Mario-related mega sale). Well, along these lines, Club Nintendo fans may want to make a bee-line to the official site at some point in the next couple of days so as to snatch up a commemorative item or two to celebrate (that is, if you’ve managed to earn any coins over the last year). These items rarely last very long before selling out so I wouldn’t hold off too long before heading that way.

The good news, at least, is that for a mere 10 coins you can score yourself a Mario screen saver featuring game play footage over the last 25 years, and there’s certainly no danger of that selling out. Additionally, there are [4] separate commemorative pins exclusive to the site that you can “purchase” for 450 coins. I had 580 when I checked and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend as many coins at one time, but in the end I decided that Mario’s 25th was a milestone that only comes once, I was there with him at the beginning, and that I didn’t want to pass up on an exclusive pin commemorating the event. The pin I chose is featured in the image above (it had the added bonus of featuring Yoshi!). Hope you can pick one up, if not the whole set, as well.

So, for my part, a hearty “happy 25th anniversary” to our favorite plumber (and friends) and the original NES system! It’s been a real blast and here’s to 25+ more, definitely!

Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman (PSP)
October 20, 2010

Pretty much everything about Nippon Ichi’s Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman has me in stitches. It’s got it all: the crazy premise, over the top characters, silly-yet-awesome theme song, zany humor, ridiculous customization, grind, did I mention humor(?), charming graphics, addictive game play…and I may have mentioned humor.

Just in case you’ve missed it, you can watch the first 10-minutes of the game on the youtube video above to see if it’s something that might be up your alley.

I’m always looking for fun games, and I tell ya, I had little choice but to pre-order this and can’t wait to play it when it ships later this month (October 25th).

Tactics Ogre: Mission 1: What’s Going on Here?
October 19, 2010

To help promote the release of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the Sony PSP (March 2011), Square-Enix appears to be hosting a set of missions that fans can participate in to earn prizes as they anticipate the release. The first mission, entitled “What’s Going on Here?” is a caption contest, and here’s the situation:

Our spies have intercepted word of a secret meeting of the Dark Knights. Infiltrate their camp and report back to us just what happened there! Write your own caption for the enclosed screenshot strip. The warrior with the most creative event captions will win!

The winner will receive a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP, as well a nice shiny copy of the original PlayStation Final Fantasy Tactics. Get captioning!

Sega’s Captain America: Super Soldier
October 19, 2010

To say that I’ve been waiting for a good Captain America movie would be a massive understatement. Cap has been my favorite comic book character since my early teens and I still remember coming out of the movie theater in 1989 after seeing Tim Burton’s Batman (and being blown away) wishing that someone would put that kind of care into creating a Captain America movie (again, this was ’89). You can imagine my utter disappointment then with the small screen budget title that was released several years later to instant jeers. Fortunately, that chapter has closed and comic book movies have come a heck of a long way, so I’m beside myself that Marvel is finally pulling out all the stops in trying to create a movie worthy of the character. The casting of Chris Evans was a fantastic idea and while nothing’s perfect (I don’t see wings on that mask yet!) I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with and finally sitting in that movie theater watching a childhood hero come to life on the big screen.

Anyhow, related to all of this is the fact that I hadn’t yet had the chance to touch briefly on Captain America: Super Soldier, the video game that Sega revealed at NYCC for a July 2011 release across all platforms. As with any Captain America related project I always have high hopes, and am really encouraged by the fact that Christos Gage is the creator behind the game’s story. That’s no guarantee, of course, given that good writers have been behind some real stinkers in the past, but it certainly appears to be a step in the right direction, as is their emphasis on creating a solid combat system (with his signature shield in mind). I can play Batman: Arkham Asylum all day given the combat system in that game so I’m hoping they deliver an equally compelling experience in that department. Alas, this is a game based at least loosely on an upcoming film so there’s always going to be some trepidation involved. There’s a stigma attached to these things from the get-go no thanks to terrible games like Iron Man, that originally held so much promise, so I’m not going to get too excited if and until they really give me a reason to stand up and say “whoa.” Still, with Captain America as the star of his own game, they’ve definitely got my attention.

Here’s the solicitation:

Players will become Captain America as he faces the Red Skull and his army in an epic third- person action adventure set in the darkest days of World War II.

Wielding Captain America’s legendary shield, gamers will engage in free-flowing combat and acrobatic platforming to infiltrate Hydra’s mysterious castle and battle the infamous Iron Cross, the forces of Hydra, and a host of nefarious enemies serving the Red Skull. As the First Avenger himself, players must defeat the evil scientist Arnim Zola and his wartime experiments, combining powerful melee combos and shield attacks to devastating effect.

Captain America: Super Soldier combines a highly athletic combat system with fluid platforming and a highly tuned suite of shield attacks, as Cap explores a massive castle turned military installation. His shield can be employed in numerous ways: taking out multiple enemies at once, deflecting incoming fire back at enemies, solving puzzles, and scaling walls. Players will be able to launch shield-first into the fray with the superior force of the world’s first Super-Soldier at their fingertips—and they’ll need every bit of that strength to overcome a castle that’s both an acrobatic playground for the Captain’s physical prowess and a house of mystery with enemies and danger at every turn.

DQIX: Debora Briscoletti Arrives!
October 15, 2010

For those of you playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel’s of the Starry Skies (or not playing for that matter), every other Friday is always a lot of fun because not only do we receive new downloadable quests to undertake, along with a new shop theme at the DQVC for the upcoming week, but we also see the arrival of new guests at the Quester’s Rest from past Dragon Quest/Warrior games who come to visit the inn (what with Erinn’s Inn’s reputation growing throughout the lands).

This week sees Debora Briscoletti, “the richest girl in Mostroferrato” (DQV). Visiting the inn and while someone of her status apparently wouldn’t be all that impressed with the inn she’s still willing to grant a few gifts. If you can withstand her verbal lashings you’ll receive:

  • Discarded robe for talking with her
  • Hairpiece and Birthday Cake if speaking to her on your birthday
  • Her Highness Heels for speaking with her with a fully upgraded inn

Additionally, this week’s DQVC theme is the Dragon Extravaganza, featuring Dragon related items to stock up on.

*Thanks to The Mystical One at the Dragon’s Den for the full list.

Valkyria Chronicles 3, The Nameless vs. Calamity Raven
October 12, 2010

More details emerge on The Nameless Squad vs. the Calamity Raven in Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles 3. Thanks go to andriasang for all their efforts in bringing this information (and images) our way. Be sure to follow the jump for much more in-depth character profiles than we’ve previously seen:

Sega shared plenty of details on Valkyria Chronicles 3 via Famitsu just prior to the Tokyo Game Show, and even made the game playable at the event. Today, it provided a more formal introduction, giving us a look at the cast and story for the PSP sequel.

As detailed last month, Valkyria Chronicels 3 takes the story back to 1935, the time of the original PlayStation 3 Valkyria Chronicles. The game takes place in the neutral nation of Gallia, which finds itself caught between warring Imperial and Federation groups.

Taking the central role in the story is Gallian Army squad 422, a group of criminals and deserters that’s known as the “Nameless” because its members are referred to by a number. This group is sent out like pawns to the front lines of battle.

Some 15-hours into Valkyria Chronicles 2 I can happily say that I’m glad we’ll be seeing VC3 on the PSP as well, it’s a series that lends itself very well to portable gaming in spurts and I’m having a blast trying to come up with the best scenarios to pull off high rankings on each map, leveling up my squad accordingly, and finding out more about each these characters.

The original Valkyria Chronicles is one of my all-time favorites (one of my Top Ten games, easy) and I’m definitely hoping we see the series return to the PS3 to be sure, I’m just hoping that there’s room for both iterations to thrive. In the meantime, the wait for Valkyria Chronicles 3 is going to be a tough one.