Infocom’s Infocomics

And speaking of classic MS-DOS gaming, anyone remember Infocom’s short lived interactive comics series, Infocomics? I remember stumbling upon these at my local mall in the late 80’s and being fascinated by the possibilities. Enough to politely ask my Mom to buy me one or two anyway! Remember, this was when personal computers were just coming into their own and even basic character movements, voice, and sound were all fairly rudimentary, so the idea of the story moving page by page, and watching the actors play out the story was exciting stuff.

My first Infocomic was the one you see here, Zork Quest: Assault on Egreth Castle, followed by Gammaforce in the Pit of a Thousand Screams. What was really cool about these was that the player was able to make their way through the (fairly basic) tale from the unique perspective of each  character before reaching the story’s climax, which allowed us to see the characters motivations, fears, triumphs and so forth in a way we would not have been able to otherwise. Turned out to be good fun and I spent more than a few hours re-reading these “infocomics” back in the day. They certainly had their limitations, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. I still remember the twist that came with one of these characters here on the cover when it was revealed that they weren’t quite what they seemed.

I actually managed to pick up a sealed copy of Lance Mastadon vs. the Blubbermen a few years back for nostalgia’s sake as I never had the chance to play that one. Won’t be playing it anytime soon given the lack of hardware necessary of course…but still.

Feel free to follow the jump for a wealth of info. about Infocom, as well as the following video for an idea of how the Infocomics game’s interface worked:


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