Valkyria Chronicles 3, The Nameless vs. Calamity Raven

More details emerge on The Nameless Squad vs. the Calamity Raven in Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles 3. Thanks go to andriasang for all their efforts in bringing this information (and images) our way. Be sure to follow the jump for much more in-depth character profiles than we’ve previously seen:

Sega shared plenty of details on Valkyria Chronicles 3 via Famitsu just prior to the Tokyo Game Show, and even made the game playable at the event. Today, it provided a more formal introduction, giving us a look at the cast and story for the PSP sequel.

As detailed last month, Valkyria Chronicels 3 takes the story back to 1935, the time of the original PlayStation 3 Valkyria Chronicles. The game takes place in the neutral nation of Gallia, which finds itself caught between warring Imperial and Federation groups.

Taking the central role in the story is Gallian Army squad 422, a group of criminals and deserters that’s known as the “Nameless” because its members are referred to by a number. This group is sent out like pawns to the front lines of battle.

Some 15-hours into Valkyria Chronicles 2 I can happily say that I’m glad we’ll be seeing VC3 on the PSP as well, it’s a series that lends itself very well to portable gaming in spurts and I’m having a blast trying to come up with the best scenarios to pull off high rankings on each map, leveling up my squad accordingly, and finding out more about each these characters.

The original Valkyria Chronicles is one of my all-time favorites (one of my Top Ten games, easy) and I’m definitely hoping we see the series return to the PS3 to be sure, I’m just hoping that there’s room for both iterations to thrive. In the meantime, the wait for Valkyria Chronicles 3 is going to be a tough one.


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