DQIX: Debora Briscoletti Arrives!

For those of you playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel’s of the Starry Skies (or not playing for that matter), every other Friday is always a lot of fun because not only do we receive new downloadable quests to undertake, along with a new shop theme at the DQVC for the upcoming week, but we also see the arrival of new guests at the Quester’s Rest from past Dragon Quest/Warrior games who come to visit the inn (what with Erinn’s Inn’s reputation growing throughout the lands).

This week sees Debora Briscoletti, “the richest girl in Mostroferrato” (DQV). Visiting the inn and while someone of her status apparently wouldn’t be all that impressed with the inn she’s still willing to grant a few gifts. If you can withstand her verbal lashings you’ll receive:

  • Discarded robe for talking with her
  • Hairpiece and Birthday Cake if speaking to her on your birthday
  • Her Highness Heels for speaking with her with a fully upgraded inn

Additionally, this week’s DQVC theme is the Dragon Extravaganza, featuring Dragon related items to stock up on.

*Thanks to The Mystical One at the Dragon’s Den for the full list.


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