Club Nintendo: Commemorating Mario’s 25th Anniversary!

As no doubt you’ve caught wind of this past year, Nintendo’s venerable mascot Mario turns 25 this year, alongside the original Nintendo Entertainment System no less, and Nintendo has been celebrating in fine fashion with the release of US bound commemorative Wii consoles, DS goodies, Nintendo Power features, the works (even Toys ‘R Us recently had a Mario-related mega sale). Well, along these lines, Club Nintendo fans may want to make a bee-line to the official site at some point in the next couple of days so as to snatch up a commemorative item or two to celebrate (that is, if you’ve managed to earn any coins over the last year). These items rarely last very long before selling out so I wouldn’t hold off too long before heading that way.

The good news, at least, is that for a mere 10 coins you can score yourself a Mario screen saver featuring game play footage over the last 25 years, and there’s certainly no danger of that selling out. Additionally, there are [4] separate commemorative pins exclusive to the site that you can “purchase” for 450 coins. I had 580 when I checked and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend as many coins at one time, but in the end I decided that Mario’s 25th was a milestone that only comes once, I was there with him at the beginning, and that I didn’t want to pass up on an exclusive pin commemorating the event. The pin I chose is featured in the image above (it had the added bonus of featuring Yoshi!). Hope you can pick one up, if not the whole set, as well.

So, for my part, a hearty “happy 25th anniversary” to our favorite plumber (and friends) and the original NES system! It’s been a real blast and here’s to 25+ more, definitely!


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