Persona 2: Innocent Sin Remake

Atlus announced in Japan today that the company is remaking Persona 2: Innocent Sin (a project not unlike the recent Persona remake I would wager), and while there has been no confirmation as of yet that Atlus USA is localizing the title, I would be surprised if they didn’t seeing as how the United States didn’t see the release of Innocent Sin at all, and that in remaking this (and likely Eternal Punishment) that the West would have the entire series, remade, and nicely caught up with Persona 4 as we anxiously await the 5th entry in the extremely popular Persona series.

More on Persona 2: Innocent Sin, punching Hitler in the face (undoubtedly one of the reasons we didn’t see the game the first time around, but who wouldn’t want to see that!?) and any confirmation of a localization as that news becomes available.

* Speaking of Persona 5, I know that I can’t wait to hear what Atlus has in store for us when more on that game is revealed, but to tell you the truth, I don’t mind if they hold off a little longer, especially with news of remakes like this, as I’ve still got plenty to get out of game play to squeeze out of both Persona 3:FES (not to mention P3p) and Persona 4 before I’d even be able to consider playing the 5th entry. I really have enjoyed all that I’ve played of the Persona series thus far though.


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