Dragon Quest III Mobile: Topping a Million

I count myself fortunate to own the GBC remake of Dragon Warrior III, and to still have the ability to take it on the go with me thanks to a carefully preserved Game Boy Color hand-held, but I know I speak for other Dragon Quest fans when I say that I would really like to see DQIII made available for mobile phones here in the states as well. In fact, I’d pay handsomely for a quality port of each of the 3 original games that have been released in Japan thus far. That’s worth sending an e-mail (or letter) to Square-Enix to pass on to their overseas counterparts.

In the meantime, however, congratulations to Square-Enix & Co. for reaching a million downloads for the mobile game! Talk about seeing a return on investment!

From adriansang:

Square Enix announced today that total downloads of the game’s mobile version have topped the million mark.

The game in question is a remake of the 1998 final entry in the first Dragon Quest trilogy. In addition to visuals and sounds updated to match the mobile platform, the game adds a sakusen/strategy option for assigning battle strategies to your allies.

Square Enix first released the cell phone version for iMode users in November 2009, split into two parts, each costing 600 points (¥630). It’s now available for EZweb as well. The million mark covers both versions.

The mobile versions of the first two Dragon Quest games previously topped the million mark.


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