DQIX: Maribel Arrives!

For those of you playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel’s of the Starry Skies (or not playing for that matter), every other Friday is always a lot of fun because not only do we receive new downloadable quests to undertake, along with a new shop theme at the DQVC for the upcoming week, but we also see the arrival of new guests at the Quester’s Rest from past Dragon Quest/Warrior games who come to visit the inn (what with Erinn’s Inn’s reputation growing throughout the lands).

This week sees the arrival of Maribel of Dragon Quest/Warrior VII fame. She’ll berate you a bit, but is glad enough to grant you the following items  by visiting her in her room at the Quester’s Rest:

  • Discarded robe for speaking with her
  • Discarded head gear for speaking to her on your birthday
  • Her shoes for speaking with her with a fully upgraded inn

Incidentally, this week is Rare weapon week at the DQVC, so see if you can’t score some B-Rank weapons (or better, if we’re lucky).


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