Japan’s Top-Ten Dragon Quest Games (2010)…

As polled by Square-Enix. And because all “Top-Ten” lists should actually start with the #10 and work their way to #1 (the opposite order killing all suspense)…

10. Dragon Quest VI (Super Famicom)
9. Dragon Monsters Joker 2
8. Dragon Quest IV (DS; Remake)
7. Dragon Quest VII
6. Dragon Quest VI (DS; Remake)
5. Dragon Quest V (DS; Remake)
4. Dragon Quest V (Super Famicom)
3. Dragon Quest III (Famicom)
2. Dragon Quest VIII

And the #1 rated Dragon Quest game in the recent poll…

1. Dragon Quest IX!

(I’ll leave it to others to argue the merits/accuracy of the poll, just reporting the results ma’am!)

[Source: Kotaku]


One Response

  1. Aha I can’t wait til I get through all the games so I can make my own list.

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