Black Friday Hopes & Reminders

Black Friday is inching awfully close and I admit that I’m getting a little excited at the possibilities of what I might be able to pick up.

I know for sure that I’ll be getting both Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii), the question is simply for how much? I’ve seen SMG2 advertised for $35 dollars, though I’ve yet to see Epic Kirby advertised with any kind of mark down for the event (if any of you know of anything, please let me know). I’ve got a $15 credit with Amazon so when all is said and done I’ll have saved a decent amount on both…which will definitely make the day a success where scoring a couple of great games is concerned. As an added bonus, both my wife and I are big Kirby fans so it’s one of the games we can enjoy together…unless the co-op goes horribly, horribly wrong that is.

Also, for any potential Dragon Quest fans out there, remember to stop by Target early if you have any interest in the game as you’ll be able to pick up Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DS) for just $17. It’s worth every penny of the full retail price (and more) so please do yourself and pick it up if you haven’t already, there are near endless amounts of fun to be had. I’m half-way tempted to buy a second copy at that price but with Epic Mickey pre-ordered and hitting shelves at the end of the month, I’d better give my wallet a rest in this department.



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