Bomerman Land Touch! (DS)

“I would like more people to learn the joy of Bomberman!” – Gen Suzuki

Almost always ready to jump on most anything Atlus brings stateside in the RPG and SRPG genres, I was also happy to have finally been able to pick up the first entry in Hudson’s more whimsical Bomberman multi-player adventure series. Awarded IGN’s Best Offline Multi-Player Game in 2006 Bomberman Land Touch! (DS) was very well received in the U.S. and I’m looking forward to being able to take this with me for bouts of classic Bomberman battles any time I want, which is continually the genius of of this type of game and platform (to understate things a bit).

And scoring the game for $8 was just the kind of deal I was hoping for as Black Friday looms upon us. That said, I had probably better try and secure the sequel sooner rather than later as it looks like Hudson Soft may have produced Bomberman Land Touch! 2 in smaller quantities and, if so, it appears to carry a somewhat heftier price tag as a result.

Here’s hoping I can find a few more deals like this in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sure to share them if I do! And good luck in your hunt for treasures this holiday season as well!


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