Games as Gifts (It’s On Like Donkey Kong! TM)

With a few notable exceptions, like New Super Mario Bros. Wii last Christmas (thanks again hon), it’s not often that I get games as gifts for Christmas anymore.

Despite my obvious love for the hobby I suppose my family and friends have long thought to themselves that (a) if I want a game I’ll simply pick it up myself, (b) that they have no idea what I already own and don’t want to risk duplicating something in my collection, or (c) that they can’t spare the admitted expense. All of which I understand completely. And yes, I’ll ignore the possibility that they just want me to grow up — ha, surely they’ve given up on that by now!

But I actually really miss those days when I’d anxiously pull away the paper on a gift Christmas morning to find an Atari or NES game (or two) staring back at me that my parents knew I was champing at the bit for. So this year, with family and friends asking me what I would like, I’m trying an experiment and outright telling them that I”d love to play Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) because I know opening up a gift like that would be almost as much fun as it was when I was still knee high to a grasshopper.

Ha, and if it doesn’t work — well — I’ll just pick it up myself (that’ll show ’em).


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