Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective “Trial Version” (DS)

“Ghost Trick casts you in the role of Sissel, who finds himself rather deceased when the game begins. You don’t know who killed you, what circumstances led to your demise or even who you were prior to death thanks to a severe case of amnesia, but you do know that your spirit temporarily lives on, and that you’re going to use the time you have left — the hours remaining until dawn — to right wrongs and thus learn about the mysterious events surrounding your unfortunate fate.” – Nintendo Power, February 2010

The concept for Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is genuinely inventive (not unlike Shu Takumi’s Phoenix Wright series before it) and the animation work is nothing short of amazing so it’s long been on my radar, but if you’ve not yet had the chance to really see what the game’s about, or just want to experience first-hand, then do yourself a favor and check out the Flash “trial version” available at Gamespot without having to download a thing.

I just finished it myself and it’s definitely a slick piece of work, loaded with humor, including some fun “fourth wall” shattering as it introduces the characters, concept, and game play. Not a shabby way to sell the game at all, hopefully we’ll see more of this kind of thing again from Capcom…I don’t know, say, when Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright releases on the 3DS in the months to come!?

Look for the full retail version in January, 2011.


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