Bombs Away!

I was able to rustle up a few hours Saturday afternoon to just sit down and play this weekend after finishing a research paper, and boy was it great to just relax for a while.

I still have an awful lot of post-game content to tackle in Dragon Quest IX that I’m looking forward to, and countless other games to start, but I wanted something a little lighter after a hectic week so I fired up Bomberman Land Touch! on the DS, which arrived in the mail Friday, and had a blast (pun intended)! 3-4 hours later I pretty much had to force myself to close up the device and take care of some of the other things I needed to that day. That classic Bomberman game play just doesn’t get stale and this one I can take with me to play anytime so I’m excited for the chance to play this on the go.

Incidentally, I also dusted off my old Dreamcast just for fun and fired up Bomberman Online to enjoy the extended intro and play a few arena matches before returning it back to its resting spot to play on another lazy afternoon. I need to do this more!

[Bomberman illustration by KaszBeastie]


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