Super Smash Land (De-Make)

How cool is this?

Created by Dan Fornace, Super Smash Land envisions itself as an original  Nintendo GameBoy title in the Super Smash Bros. series (one I would have loved to have played back in the day) and its full of all the goodness you would have found in those original carts.

If this looks like something that you’d enjoy, a demo of the game will be available over at Piki Geek this Friday (12/17).

Until then you’ll just have to enjoy reading what Dan Fornace has to say about the game below and in the links provided…

Super Smash Land is completely redone with the original GameBoy in mind, capturing the nostalgic essence with two button controls and piss-green visuals, an interesting aesthetic choice to say the least. Some would argue that the Smash series has some of the most intricate controls in the fighting genre, so the concept of condensing those down to the A and B button could be somewhat baffling. Smash Land uses A for jump and B for attack – there’s no block, dodge or grab. Despite missing these critical elements, the game still plays remarkably similar to its N64 counterpart, which is to say it’s a freaking blast and a half.

…and maybe enjoy this great video of the game in action as well! Don’t forget that demo!


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