The Happy Holiday Haul, Part 1

Like so many of you, I like to try and take advantage of all the crazy sales at the end of the year and while I expected to pick up a few games, I ended up finding deals all over the place for new and used games and thought I’d share what I was able to get (I should point out that I sold some older games of mine as well which helped finance most of this). I hope y’all have had some good fortune as well on the game front, and would be happy to hear of your accomplishments if you’re inclined to share.

With no further ado then, the 2010 “happy holiday haul” so far:

Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii) – Fortunately, I was able to obtain Kirby’s Epic Yarn for free after taking advantage of an online credit promotion Amazon had last month that we took advantage of. I believe it was discounted to ~ $34.99 when I picked it up, which left me some additional credit. My wife and I are looking forward to playing this together as big Kirby fans, and I always appreciate the rare game that allows us to do that.

Super Scribblenauts (DS) – During one of their holiday sales, Amazon had the game discounted to $24.99 and with the remaining credit I had with Amazon I was able to pick up the game for $12.99. My wife enjoys a number of the smaller iPhone games available so I thought that she might be interested in this. After explaining the concept behind the game her interest was peaked and I bit the bullet so that she could have something to play while I’m wrapped up in a game of my own. Likewise, while my wife’s english is very good for a Japanese native that has only been in America 4 years, the game has the side benefit of introducing her to new words and concepts which has already proven fun. Oh, yea, she didn’t wait until Christmas to open it up…

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) – I love this game. I’ve enthusiastically played Mario Kart since fatefully discovering it on the Nintendo 64 those many years ago and the series just get’s better and better all the time (incidentally, the DS version is probably my favorite in the series to date). My Dad actually purchased this for my nieces a couple of years back for Christmas and I spent countless hours mastering the courses and unlocking content over at his place when I’d visit. Alas, the nieces lost the game at some point as they played at the house and I figured I’d ask my wife for a copy of my own for Christmas (no worries, I’ll share with the yung-uns). We were able to find it online for ~ $39 (incl. the Wii Wheel) and its sitting under the tree as her gift to me.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) – I’ll try to condense this a little, but I hadn’t picked the sequel up yet as I had lent my copy of the original SMG to my sister’s family to play and they spent the good part of a year playing the heck out of it and I’m only about half-way through the first as a result. I love what I’ve been able to experience so far and I wanted to pick up the sequel when it was discounted, so I found it on Black Friday at Target for ~ $36 dollars. A great price for a game worth a heck of a lot more by all indications. Can’t wait to fire it up! And how about that Yoshi!?

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS) – I’ve had my eye on this one since it was announced largely due to the compelling art style, slick presentation, and throwback game play and after finding it for $15 online during one of Amazon’s holiday sales I had to snatch it up. Saving it for a “rainy day” down the road as I noted here a few weeks back.

Super Mario All-Stars (Wii) – Here’s a confession: I never actually owned a Super Nintendo. I must have been a Sophomore or Junior in high school when the console was just reaching the height of its popularity, and while I would have loved to have played the system more (had to relegate that to Street Fighter II sessions at a friends house) time was at a real premium in those days.  Long story short, I missed Super Mario All-Stars on the system and wanted to own each of these games on one disc (though I certainly would have loved even more Mario games on one disc) and finally play through those “lost levels.”

Sonic Unleashed (Wii) – I actually picked this up as part of a promotion Walmart was having where if you purchased a Wii remote (which we needed for the games above as I only had the one) you received a free game out of a selection of a dozen or so titles. I’m an old school Sonic fan and while I’ve heard “yea’s” and “nays” about the Werehog portions of the game, I’ve heard almost nothing but great things about the side-scrolling Sonic sections and figured that for the price of free that I’d best take advantage of the chance to play ’em.

(See Part 2)


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