The Happy Holiday Haul, Part 2

For Part 2 of the “happy holiday haul” I’ll look at the gently used games that I picked up (in a couple of cases after a good deal patience over several months).

The  Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (GBC) – One of the most beloved games in the Legend of Zelda franchise and one of the few that I still needed to complete my (not exhaustive) collection. I found a copy complete with box, instructions and the game in very good condition and bit the bullet. I ended up paying ~ $25 for it, but that was a price I was more than willing to pay for this gem.

Game & Watch Gallery 2 & 3 (GBC) – Always on the lookout for Mario-related games that I don’t own, or have never played (and with more than a little bit of nostalgia for the plumber, friends, and Mr. Game & Watch driving me ever towards picking them up) I knew I had to take advantage of a couple of offers to own both of these games, with box and instructions, for a little over $10. The games themselves are pretty simple, but also pretty dang charming. Glad I snatched them up!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS) – Been trying to hunt this one down forever at a good, deeply discounted price, and managed to pick it up for $11 recently. I love games like this that offer so much depth of play and while I seldom have the time necessary these days to immerse myself as long as I’d like, I’m certainly hoping for the opportunity.

Heroes of Mana (DS) – I mentioned yesterday how much I enjoy Ryoma Ito’s art and that’s what originally attracted me to this game beyond the strategy elements and conventions that I love about these games. I’ve heard good and bad about the experience the game offers, but for me, there’s a lot more going for it than against it as I’ve tried to weed through commentary about the game. I found it for less than $15 so I went ahead and jumped at the offer.

Thanks for taking a few moments to check out my holiday haul with me, I’ve still got a few hopefuls to pick up, but I’m more than happy with what I was able to accomplish this year where my video game collection is concerned. Here’s hoping you find some treasures under your own tree this year. Whatever the case, I still wish you good folks a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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