Game Freak’s Drill Dozer (GBA)

Well, you don’t run across something like this every day.

In 2006, Game Freak (Pokemon was it?) developed a niche game for the GameBoy Advance entitled Drill Dozer. It was an action platformer starring a young girl (and youngest member of the “Red Dozers” gang) named Jill and her mech/drill (aptly named the “Drill Dozer”) as they traverse underground levels, break through metal barriers, solve puzzles, smash through enemies, and upgrade their weaponry in search of their stolen red diamond. It was published by Nintendo, and quietly disappeared soon thereafter.

So much so that I hadn’t so much as heard of the game until today when I stumbled across a review that recommended it highly. Then I read another, and another (including a game of the year award from Nintendo Power), and from such it appeared that there was something to this little game. It didn’t take long for a little more “research” to turn up classic platforming game play, detailed sprites, zany characters, and something that looks to be a lot of mindless fun overall.

The best part is that you can pick the game up brand new at Amazon for a whopping $1.68 (+ $3.99 shipping). Yea, that deal is just nuts and surely the game is worth far more than the minuscule price point would suggest. Take advantage of it if you think it’s something you might enjoy as well.

Did I mention that Game Freak developed Drill Dozer and that Nintendo published it? Wonder of there’s something to that…

[Amazon Link: Drill Dozer (GBA)]


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  1. Wow!what an idea!Whataconcept!

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