Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Over Clock (3DS)

If you missed out on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for the Nintendo DS in 2009, or like one of us (ahem), hastily sold their copy with a few other games to offset this year’s Christmas purchases, then you may be happy to learn that Atlus is releasing an enhanced port of the game in 2011 that will include an additional 8th day scenario (the original game took place during a 7-day period), 20 additional demons, and new skills to learn as you find a way to survive a mysterious Tokyo lockdown. In addition, the 3DS’ enhanced version will have some measure of 3D implementation.

According to Andriasang:

The 3DS version is getting some presentational updates. The game is now fully voiced, with over 20,000 lines. Visuals take advantage of the 3DS’s higher resolution, allowing for a wider map, and increased visibility for messages and parameters. As for how the system’s 3D capabilities are put to use, Famitsu says that the demons will fly out of the screen…

Whether or not the additional content is enough for you to justify purchasing the game again is a call you’ll have to make for yourself obviously, but there is certainly incentive there for folks that didn’t quite bite on the original to consider picking this enhanced version up. I loved the game, it’s pretty addicting, and certainly wouldn’t mind recuperating my loss over the holiday and maybe even replay the scenario with the knowledge of what I can expect (…and maybe not get that one character accidentally killed off this time…).

Whatever the case, I can’t fault them for wanting to get this into the hands of more fans, it’s well worth your time and money if you’ve any inclination toward fine strategy RPG’s.

[Image logo courtesy of Famitsu]


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