Nintendo World 2011 & Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

It certainly appears as if Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS is indeed shaping up to be as ‘purdy’ as advertised (a number of fans cried ‘foul’ when they saw he visuals and claimed them renders and this is in its incomplete form no less) and from all indications thus far, the game play is just as impressive.

I wish I could say that I had the opportunity to attend Nintendo World 2011 in Tokyo, Japan where the incomplete game was demo’d to great success, but thankfully Anoop Gantayet from Andriasang did, and if you’ve got a few moments I highly recommend you check out his impressions in full here.

Here’s an excerpt:

If you’ve been playing Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 4, the sparse zombie count may seem a bit alarming. This is actually how the RE games were before. Rather than running around and shooting things, the games were about slowly inching your way through corridors, unsure of what will pop out next. The Revelations demo has a similar deliberate slow pace.

The Revelations producers recently said something about wanting to put the “horror” back in the game’s genre, and they seem to have done just that with Revelations. In addition to the zombie popping out of the stall, there were other surprises involving rats and some sort of flying creatures. With the atmospheric background audio, which slowly grows more intense as you advance through the stage, Revelations does seem to have the potential for some frights.

Just like an untold number of Resident Evil fans, I can’t tell you how excited I am to play Revelatons (and Mercenaries for that matter) which effectively makes the wait for the 3DS, and a number of the other launch titles already teased, tougher by the day. But be sure to stay tuned for more information on these games as we learn of it.

[Images courtesy of Andriasang]


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