Vacationing with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)

With one week left to go before the spring semester starts at the university I thought I’d take the week off to get some much needed down time before ramping up my studies again. Last semester just about took me out so I’m hoping this one isn’t nearly as bad.

Anyhow, while I’m off this week I plan to get in a lot of quality time with with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS) as it’s one of the games I’ve really been looking forward to. I am about ~ 3 hrs into the game, and it’s actually exceeded my expectations even though I’m really just getting started on the stories main quest. First off, the game looks great and thus far there has been history to learn (love that!) as the lush world unfolds, environmental puzzles to tackle, boss battles, and even the chance to battle alongside the “Heroes of Vale” from the previous Golden Sun games. All of the playable (& supporting) characters are immediately engaging, the battle system is a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the game, and the narrative, moves forward from here.

I’ll do my best to provide updates as I can for anyone else that may be playing, or is interested in the game. Now is kind of a good time to look into purchasing GS:DD if you’ve had your eye on it as Amazon still has it marked down at $24.99. The game is well worth its retail sticker (+) so don’t miss out on this at the heavily discounted price.

[Buy Golden Sun: Dark Dawn]


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