More of the 422nd in Valkyria Chronicles 3

The following video introduces more of the characters that make up Gallia’s 422nd special ops squad, otherwise known as the “Nameless.” It also features a very impressive musical score if you’ve got a moment to listen. It really strikes a sentimental chord and really hits home the nature of the conflict.

One of the many things that I found so captivating in the first two Valkyria titles were the “real characters” that comprised my squad. They really became unique individuals filled with gusto, quirks, and potential (in more ways than one with that last one). So on this front I’m really interested in getting to know the soldiers of Gallia’s first struggle whose stories have not been told, until now.

This is one of my most anticipated titles of 2011, and while I should probably be a lot more impatient for this to hit our shores, I’ve still got an awful lot of content in Valkyria Chronicles 2 left to enjoy before the 3rd installment heads heads our way. I’ve found it’s a lot easier to have a little patience when you really have been given a whole lot of bang for your buck in the previous games already.

Enjoy the trailer (love the old war footage presentation)!


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