“Rocket Punch!”

“I’m gonna finish you off with Rocket Punches!”

If I wasn’t already beside myself over the prospect of picking up Super Robot Taisen Z on my next trip to Japan (hopefully for a discounted price at one of the many Book Off stores my wife and I will scour for deals) then this image of Mazinger Z and his infamous Rocket Punch (!) would’ve definitely done it! Though chock it up to one more Japanese Super Robot Taisen game that I own enthusiastically but can’t understand more than a whit of.

This aspect of the Mazinger mythos always makes me smile for several reasons, but one of them is that my wife – who generally doesn’t have a lot of love for video games and animation despite being a Tokyo native – likes to use the “Rocket Punch” on me when she’s playfully attacking me following some dumb comment I’ve made or what not. It’s adorable to see this 5′ 2″ lady mimicking the great Mazinger Z attack and this little thing will always hold a special place in my heart because I reckon she knows its something that her big lug of a Super Robot fan husband will appreciate.

And I do.


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