Earth Seekers (Wii; Japan)

Earth Seekers (アースーシーカー) was announced in Japan as a Nintendo Wii title last June, but for one terrible reason or another it never made a blip on my radar and I’m only catching wind of it now. Though after diving into the details, seeing the battle system, and drooling over the concept art, developer Crafts & Meisters definitely has my attention.

Instantly appealing to the Legend of Zelda fan in me, the game looks to be a world I’d love to explore between it’s vibrant landscapes, lush fields, the giant beasts that roam its surface, and the various nooks and crannies we’ll be searching out alongside the game’s protagonist. Why all the exploration? It appears that in response to a threat to Earth’s very existence, refugee ships are charted into space carrying Earth’s inhabitants as well as their history with them, but when these ships crash on a vast alien world it is up to the game’s heroine to gather up the treasures once more .

Described as an action RPG that will appeal to a broad range of players, Earth Seekers is a meaty game with loads to accomplish and even takes advantage of the DSi to help round out the experience.

Or as Andriasang succinctly explains it:

Earth Seeker will have a companion DSi Ware mini game called “Odekake! Earth Seeker.” This app can be used to do such things as produce new items for use in the Wii version, and clean artifacts that you find along your adventure. Further details will be shared shortly.

As for the amount of time players can expect to potentially get from the game:

Funamizu is currently going through a test play session to check the game. He said that he’s managed to play for 60 hours and believes that he hasn’t even reached the half-way point. It looks like there will be plenty of volume in this latest Wii RPG.

Thus far Earth Seekers hasn’t been announced for North American shores, but there is hope for a Western release so assuming I catch wind of that news (particularly now that I’m looking) I’ll definitely be sure to share it. This would mark my first RPG experience for the Wii should it make it here so I’m crossing my fingers that it does. Looks like good fun.

Visit Earth Seekers‘ official JP site here and enjoy the newly released trailer below!


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