Persona 2: Innocent Sin Update

While we anxiously await an announcement from Atlus of a U.S. localization of Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the Sony PSP (not that we’re not grateful for everything they have done for fans of the series so far!) feel free to jump on over to Siliconera and feast on the latest screens from the game showcasing it’s  battle interface and new character portraits.

We’re all jazzed about this already but seeing the presentation here has ramped my enthusiasm up to a whole new level. Everything looks amazing, from the character sprites to the new character models. The battle system looks far better than I had expected and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the demon negotiations play out as I haven’t had the chance to test drive the PSP remake of the original Persona and don’t know how the emotion meter plays in to the negotiations yet.

And if the screens weren’t enough to get our attention, check out the cover art for the Japanese release:

(click the box art to enlarge image)

[Images courtesy of Siliconera]


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