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Finally It’s On! Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)
February 7, 2011

After two months of trying to track down the game at discount, Donkey Kong Country Returns eludes me no more! And while I wasn’t able to get anything resembling the $33 dollar deal that Amazon offered last week (that’s what I get for sleeping), I did pick it up for under $40 in like-new condition.

I’ve heard nothing but great things, have been itching for another solid platformer, and am really looking forward to reaching the beautiful silhouette levels that I’ve seen in motion (while catching the homage to Mr. Game & Watch to boot). I’ve been warned that it’s a difficult game, but that the satisfying game play, inspired level design, and sense of accomplishment makes it more than worth the effort.

I guess I’ll know soon enough!

[Mr. Game & Watch sprites courtesy of Tanman.]