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Snow Day? It’s Definitely On!
February 9, 2011

So rare are “lazy days” around here that when I got the call this morning (at 6 am) that the university would be closed due to icy conditions I wasted absolutely no time jumping out of bed, putting on my slippers, and getting comfortable in my chair before firing up my shiny new copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii).

If you’ve been reading the Log for a while you know that I’ve been trying to get my hands on the game for several months now and I’ve probably built it up a little more than I should in my mind given all the praise DKCR has been receiving, but whatever high expectations I had, they were completely blown away by the end of Level 1-1, “Jungle Hijinx.” I happily went through the first several levels soaking in the atmosphere, learning the play mechanics, and spending time with a couple of old virtual buddies. I then turned my attention to getting each of the puzzle pieces, KONG letters, and racking up lives and coins (which apparently come in real handy, real quick if my first Kart race is any indication).

“Sunset Shore,” as seen in the screen shot below, was inspired, I could probably handle an entire DS game created in this style, and I find myself anxious (in more ways than one given the famed difficulty) to see just what they come up with in each new level. Now I know I’m gushing a little here, but perhaps a little perspective is in order. I grew up playing the original Donkey Kong, and fantastic as that experience was to my young eyes, and how I still appreciate it for the great game it is, these things have really come an awful  long way and it’s difficult for me not to be impressed by so many of the offerings we take for granted today.

So, just in case I haven’t aged myself enough, let me end by saying that I suspect this game is going to be far better than a barrel full of monkeys!