A Happy [DQVI] Valentines!

Square-Enix certainly made this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration a heck of a lot sweeter for Dragon Quest fans with the release of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (DS), which hits store shelves today.

Starting today, video game fans in North America can embark on a classic hand-held adventure that has been unavailable outside of Japan for more than 15 years. The DRAGON QUEST® VI: Realms of Revelation game makes its U.S. debut for the Nintendo DS family of systems, combining classic role-playing thrills with fresh character options, unique challenges and play-it-anywhere convenience. With a robust class system and the ability to enlist monsters to help players on their quests, this memorable entry in the popular DRAGON QUEST series will enthrall experienced players and newcomers alike.

This one has been a heck of a long time coming so, if you can manage, pick it up on the way home with the flowers and chocolate for your significant other (my wife doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth so I think Kettle chips and a couple of other things are on the menu). I hope every one of you will be able to enjoy finally playing it!

Check out the official Dragon Quest VI site for more about the game, and other goodies.


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