Mega Man Legends 3: Capcom Servbot Designation

“‘Cause he’s got hiiiiiigh hopes!”

Mega Man Legends 3 is one of the games I’m most looking forward to in the coming year (or two?) and I’ve been following the Dev team in the official Devroom since the game was announced. One of the things I hadn’t been able to do because of site glitches, however, was sign up for my very own Servbot designation.

Well, looks like those glitches have been remedied and as of a few moments ago I was designated Servbot #002685. Surely this will take me places!

From the MML3 Dev Team:

Now’s the time to make this Devroom grow!! Getting the word out about this place and spreading its use across the globe is the best way to get our rocket off the ground!! Our greatest weapon right now is the Development Staff supporting this project! This game is going to be incredible! Why? Because we’ve got people working with us all over the world! That means you. So let’s put our all into launching this rocket. Lend me your strength!!

Go ahead, sign up yourself, maybe you’ll even make it into the game…


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