MvC3: Signature Series Guide On Sale [Currently $10.99]

Just a heads up for Marvel vs.  Capcom 3 fans. currently has the MvC3 Signature Series Guide discounted to a paltry $10.99 (nearly half the retail price, and minus the tax). I’ve heard nothing but gushing praise about the depth the guide provides players thanks to the breadth of talent BradyGames was able to get to write the brick.

Shoryuken, for example, recently reviewed the guide and concluded:

What could have been a simple move-list for each character actually ended up as 397-page epic, filled with working strategies and tons of frame-data. What the four minds (including Joe Epstein and Ian Rogers) behind this guide were able to do should set a new precedent in paper-back guide publication.

I know I almost picked this up at full price at a local Game Stop last week I was so impressed with it, but I’m definitely glad I waited now! That said, be sure that you don’t hestitate too long on this deal if you’re interested in picking the guide up, these online deals don’t often last that long.


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