Xbox 360…Coming Home

I received some great news regarding my Xbox 360 a few days ago and I thought I’d share my excitement here for a moment.

As I’ve noted here recently, my brother-in-law and I halved the cost of the system several years ago and primarily use it to play co-op FPS’ when I visit (Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 & 2 probably take the top spot). I have the other current-gen consoles at my own home and was able to enjoy most of my favorite games on each of those, and this was the only console he had so I happily agreed to let it stay there most of the time. This worked out pretty well over the years though there were more than a handful of games that I was never really able to enjoy to their fullest.

Anyhow, apparently fortune smiled upon him last weekend and he ended up calling me to let me know that he had purchased a new 360 w/Kinect in an online auction for a swans song  and that I was welcome to take home the  old 360. Good for him, and now it appears I can finally play some of these exclusives that I’ve missed out on. A few that quickly come to mind are: Tales of Vesperia, Halo: Reach, and an indie game I’ve been harping on here at the Quester’s Log for the last month…Astroman! I played the demo late Saturday night and it’s even better than I had advertised. Come the first of the month, it’s mine!

[Astroman character art by gsilverfish]


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