More on Cave Story & Ikachan (3DS/DSiWare)

The latest issue of Nintendo Power features an interesting article (with a few new screenshots) about the upcoming 3DS Cave Story re-imagining as well as commentary from the game’s creator Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. In the article Daisuke touches on the advantages of the 3DS, how the game will be simultaneously new and familiar; as well as the changes we can expect for the better in the character animations, stages and music. He even drops the chance of a surprise or two for veterans of the original games…whatever that might be.

A quick excerpt from Daisuke commenting on Cave Story’s enhanced familiarity:

Playing a game with 3D images by itself is very attractive and exciting! The players should be able to play the same game that they know but with a completely new feel because it’ll be in 3D.

The issue also highlights Daisuke’s upcoming DSiWare title, Ikachan, the little squid that could and I look forward to downloading this as soon as I get my hands on the 3DS as well as the original Cave Story. As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’ve been waiting for news of a retail copy as I’d love to have the boxed game in my collection, but I definitely want to experience both iterations so there’s a lot to look forward to here from the “Pixel” team in the months to come.


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