Also, Parasite Eve (PSN)

Parasite Eve available on the PSN March 15th

Parasite Eve is a great game, I’m proud to have it in my Playstation collection, but what makes these Playstation Network announcements so great is that not only can people who haven’t played classics such as this get them for a swan’s song (though I should warn you that the game is not appropriate for all ages), but folks that already own and enjoy the title can now take it on the go.

I can’t tell you how huge the portability factor is for fans that just don’t have the kind of time they once enjoyed in their favorite chair in front of the television set, and I sincerely  appreciate Square-Enix, Capcom, SNK, Konami and so many others for making so many great games available in this form. Sure, these companies are hoping to profit on past series’ this way, but I’m a happy capitalist and don’t begrudge them that, but there’s little doubt there also hoping to foster goodwill with their fanbase and they’re certainly doing a good job at that.


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