Dragon Quest Heroes 3: The Great Pirate Ship and Tails Troupe (3DS)

This is actually a viable tactic in the game!

Back in 2006 (which still seems like yesterday) North America was treated to a little gem entitled Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 2 in Japan) for the Nintendo DS. In those days I was a member of Slime Knights, an official Square-Enix fan club devoted to all things Dragon Quest and if I didn’t already plan to pick up the game to support the series, I certainly would have with my glimpse at the game’s trailer — you’ve never seen a braver slime than “Rocket,” who stumbles upon a giant tank (the Schleiman Tank) and sets out to free his family and friends from the vicious Plob, who have captured the entire town of Slimenians from Boingburg and are generally up to no good.

Like Rocket, the game oozed (pardon the pun) personality, was surprisingly Zelda-esque in its exploration, and had ridiculously fun tank battles that you were able to participate in throughout the game. For what it’s worth, my favorite tactic during these tank battles was to assign team members ammunition duties then take to the ground, infiltrate the enemy tank and beat the living daylights out of the Plob enemies while they were distracted. Yes, you could do that kind of thing and it was developing tactics like this that made the game a blast. I can’t recommend it enough.

Well, it appears Square-Enix has a soft spot for the Slimenians and that they’re developing another Slime Mori Mori game in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. We don’t know an awful about the game itself beyond that it will involve pirates and likely some sea farin’, but we do know it will incorporate 3D and take advantage of the 3DS’ other functions, such as the streetpass feature. The game has only recently been announced and looks to release this winter in Japan, so no word yet of a North American release. It is here that DQ fans can help by letting Square-Enix know that you’d like to see the game in North America as well. Dragon Quest‘s profile has risen greatly in recent years here in North America, and throughout Europe, so I’d reckon if enough fans clamor for it that seeing it could be a real possibility.

If you don’t know what you’ve been missing and want to learn more, please check out the official Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime site as it’s still one of the most impressive game sites around, is full of interactive features, and definitely goes a long way toward making fans of anyone that gives the title a chance. The music alone is worth a visit!

Also, here’s that original Rocket Slime trailer:

[You can purchase Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime here]


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