What I Played this Weekend and Reactions…

In an attempt to relax before a particularly stressful week at work (which is what I’m doing right now) I made sure to get in some quality “down time” with a few great games this weekend:

I jumped back into Borderlands (PS3) for awhile on Friday, which served to remind me how fun the game is, but also how difficult it is to get your bearings again once you take a break from a game —  “Where was I again, how powerful is my character, am I working on a bounty, etc? ” I do reckon the game will be worth the effort in finding my way back though. I also replayed the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World demo that afternoon and had a blast (love the Anamanaguchi chiptune soundtrack). I regret that I haven’t been able to download the full version yet, but there were several older titles that I’ve picked up recently that I wanted to get before they became unattainable, and I know this one is safe for now. Sooner rather than later though!

Let’s see, at a party Saturday night I took advantage of a chance to play the arcade version of Super Street Fighter II and was surprised to find that I wasn’t quite as terrible as I had thought I was going to be after so many years, and that I actually had some effective, controlled, counters for the button mashing attacks I was up against. There’s definitely rust there,  but it got me pumped to try out my new (and first) fight stick on Super Street Fighter IV as soon as my USB adapter arrives.

Finally, I ended up playing Pokemon White (DS) on Sunday and really enjoyed my time with that as well. I earned my first badge, had several encounters with Team Plasma, and was able to significantly level up my battle trio. I’m fairly new to the series (I was college age when Pokemon was first introduced) and was glad to find so much to enjoy.

So, all in all it was a pretty good balance over the 3-day weekend, with 6-7 hours of game play over a 72-hour period with family and friends. If only every weekend were like that! Hope to do it again this weekend to celebrate this heck of a work week being over.


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