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Crysis 2 is Amazon’s “Deal of the Day”
May 18, 2011

I’ve been champing at the bit to play Crysis 2 since it launched as I really want to check out what the hub-bub is about, the new cover system and the different forms of tactical gameplay options throughout the levels that, hopefully, will make this a lot more fun than the all too common run ‘n gun shooter.

But I wanted to hold off for a price drop (which is pretty much the norm for me with PS3 and 360 titles) and thanks to Amazon’s Deal of the Day fans that had a similar mindset can pick up the game cross-platform for $34.99 (42% off) today.

Happy hunting.


Portal 2 Movie-inspired Poster
May 17, 2011

(Click to enlarge image)

[Awesome] Portal 2 Movie Poster by Tristan Reidford.

Amazon’s Deal of the Day: Borderlands: Game of the Year Ed.
April 4, 2011

For anyone that hasn’t yet been able to experience the greatness that is Borderlands, or for those hoping to nab the 4 available DLC game packs at some point in the near future, today is a good day to remedy the situation on both accounts as has the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition on sale for 19.99 (50% off the retail price).

The “Game of the Year” edition includes the core Borderlands game, as well as the 4 DLC add-ons detailed below:

Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned – Originally released as a digital content download, action in it is centered in the town and surrounding areas of Jacob’s Cove, which is on the fictional Jakobs Corporation owned Island unofficially named Zombie Island. Here players are tasked with the completion of 20 exclusive Borderlands missions, involving the zombie infestation of the island, as well as various optional side quests. As the name of the island suggests, players will be kept busy honing their skills at killing zombies, zombie bosses and the other undead beings as efficiently as possible. In-game money is earned for these kills and available weapons come both in the form of randomly generated weapons and unique items taken off defeated bosses. The level of undead action experienced is directly tied to players’ progression within the single player campaign within the main game, making for gameplay closely tied to the main game, and a zombie fest not to be missed.

Borderlands: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome RiotBorderlands: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot is the second add-on pack for Borderlands re-released on disc following initial availability via digital download. Designed with a Mad Mad Thunderdome ethic and feel, action here occurs within a series of spaces known as riot arenas where the changing rules, commentary and mood are provided entirely at the whim of the over-the-top and seductive ringmistress, Moxxi. Within the matches, both single player against AI and multiplayer player, players rack up kills using a variety of weapons and shields, earning themselves skill points and in-game loot that can be stored at an in-game bank.

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General KnoxxBorderlands goes to 11! You may have seen some games raise their level cap by 5, or maybe even 10, but with The Crimson Lance Assassination Squads wreaking havoc and Crawmerax the Invincible being all invulnerable and stuff we knew you’d need more than just 10. And that’s why Borderlands goes to ELEVEN. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is an add-on pack for Borderlands that adds new guns, new class mods, new vehicles, new missions, new enemy types, and increases the level cap to 61. In other words…best add-on ever. Of all time. Forever.

Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – To combat second hand sales of used munitions among greedy, haggling treasure hunters on Pandora, the Hyperion Corporation have decided to activate the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap. Instead, it has organized all of the claptraps into a revolution, and they’ve been assimilating all life on Pandora and converting them into claptraps. With our heroes caught in the middle, they must stop the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap in order to release his control over all of Pandora’s claptraps and collect their reward, of course. The pack adds 21 missions, 10 new skill points, three additional backpack slots and raises the level cap to 69.

This is a great deal as the $20 price tag alone is less than the cost of the [4] DLC add-on packs alone, if memory serves. You’ll also receive a fold-out map of the Pandora Territories, which I can confirm in my copy.

Another possible way to go about this (and the route I took prior to hearing of the Amazon deal) is to check your local GameStop store which had discounted the Game of the Year edition over the weekend to $19.99 as well. I traded in my original Borderlands copy and received ~ $8 in credit + the (usually pithy) trade-in bonus you get using their Power Up Rewards card. I traded in an additional game that I wouldn’t miss too much as well, but even if you simply traded in the original for the upgraded edition you could potentially get this for just a smidgen over $10.

I ended up getting it for ~ $5 and feel pretty darn good about it as I already loved the game and now get a chance to finally dive into the DLC that I’ve had to hold out on, until now!

[See: Amazon’s Deal of the Day]

First & Third-Person Shooters: Priorities
March 23, 2011

Crysis 2 Concept Art

It strikes me that I haven’t talked much about 1st and 3rd-person shooters here at the blog as much as I would have liked and I wanted to take a moment to remedy that a little, particularly with a couple of games on the horizon that I’m really excited about. And while I’m definitely a much bigger RPG, SRPG, Platform and Adventure type of fan, I love games of all types and many of my favorite gaming memories have actually come about playing 1st and 3rd-person shooters with family and friends.

My first real foray into the shooter genre was GoldenEye 007 for the N64, which was just about the best introduction I could have wished for. I was in my early twenties and me and a bunch of my buddies would get together what seemed like every other weekend at a friends pad to play (much to the chagrin of wives and girlfriends). I don’t recall who exactly owned the game, but between the campaign mode and multi-player maps we must have spent hundred(s) of hours unlocking upgrades/weapons and hunting each other down. I think the only reason we put it down at all was to play it’s successor 007: The World is Not Enough.

Well, life definitely got busier in the years that followed, and each of us wasn’t able to meet up nearly as often, but it appears my brother-in-law and I have successfully carried on the tradition of getting together as often as schedules will allow to play the latest and greatest shooters, from¬† Call of Duty to Perfect Dark and in-between. In that time I’ve found that I tend to appreciate the more tactical, strategic titles more than the run and gun, explode in your face games. They both have their place, but we’ve come back to games like Rainbow Six: Vegas (probably my favorite first-person shooter to date) much more than, say, the WWII Call of Duty titles (the Modern Warfare series is on the docket) or something like Gears of War. A great cover mechanic, with levels that emphasize stealth and precision¬†within the cross hairs is more my speed and with that said, there are a couple of titles releasing this month that I’m champing at the bit to experience.

[+] The first is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PS3), which is a tactical shooter set in the Ghost Recon universe, this time utilizing futuristic high-tech gear and weaponry in squad based game play. The soldier you play is described as an “F-16 on legs,” so yea, this is going to be right up my alley and I’m really looking forward to the co-op. I love the 3rd person perspective that switches to 1st person as you aim, etc. and the cover to cover play in conjunction with the weapon options is going a long way in making this look as if it was a game tailored just for me. We’ll see of course, but this looks and sounds amazing from top to bottom.

[+] The second is EA’s Crysis 2 (PS3). Like most folks, my jaw dropped seeing the visuals of the original Crysis on the PC, but I don’t play a lot of games on my desktop with my run-of-the-mill set-up, and was pretty much out of luck until the sequel was announced as releasing cross console, and having heard about all the variation of the massive New York City maps, and the myriad of ways a player can tackle them with the Nanosuit’s capabilities (“It gives me options” as one of the trailers puts it). Too many things to say about what I’m looking forward to, but you get the gist.

[FYI -Anyone considering these titles may want to take a look at Amazon’s deals as both games come with a $10 promotional credit towards future merchandise at Amazon, and in the case of Crysis 2, the game has already been marked down 10% with free shipping and no taxes to speak of.]

Screenshot from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier