Dead or Alive Dimensions (Released May 24th)
May 25, 2011

Team Ninja’s 3DS title Dead or Alive Dimensions was released in the U.S. yesterday, and thankfully my copy was waiting patiently for me when I arrived home from work.

Unfortunately, it will have to be a little more patient as I don’t have the 3DS yet (2011 holiday bundles and discounts anyone?) but such is my love for the series that I wanted to pick up a launch copy and help support the success of the game (as was the case with SFIV 3D and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars) and by all accounts I’m going to have a great DoA fighter to enjoy when I do pick up the hand-held later this year.

And now that the game has been released, and gamers will have a sense of the series so far, I’d love to hear news of a Dead or Alive 5 being in development!


DOA: Is Samus Far Behind? No, However…
January 24, 2011

Last week Team Ninja teased an image of Samus Aran (& Nemesis Ridley) in their most recent trailer for the upcoming 3DS title Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Needless to say more than a few fans – myself included – wondered if Samus, herself, might be a playable character in the game given Team Ninja’s involvement with Metroid: Other M. Well, according to Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi, Samus will not be a playable character.

However, it’s not all bad news for Metroid fans as according to Hayashi:

So talking about Samus Aran, is she playable or not? This time she’s not playable. But Samus Aran will be shown in the game. She comes to help the player. That’s the collaboration shown there [in the trailer]. But how you can unlock Samus Aran? Please find out by yourself.

This is still something I’m excited to see. I’m already a fan of the DOA series so purchasing the game was a given, but having Samus make an appearance, and even help the player, is indeed icing on the cake…disappointing as it may be that she will not be playable “this time.”

[News courtesy of Nintendo Life]

Metroid in DOA: Dimensions, Is Samus far Behind?
January 19, 2011

A long time fan of the Dead or Alive franchise I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS as is, but it appears that Team Ninja is trying to sweeten the deal even further with the addition of at least one Metroid-themed level, featuring none other than our friend Ridley!

What’s more, there’s even a surprise appearance at the end of the stage for those that patiently wait until the end of the video…

Is it possible that Samus is a playable character?! I hate to speculate, but that’s awful bold of them and I have to think that Team Ninja (who developed Metroid: Other M for Nintendo) would rather not deal with the ramifications of showing as much and not delivering on everyone’s favorite female bounty hunter.

Here’s hoping right? And certainly this level is awesome whatever happens in the end.