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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
May 31, 2011

I only caught wind of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning earlier this month, but after reading a couple of articles, learning of the creators involved, and seeing a number of game play and concept videos featuring the combat mechanics created to set this game apart at the official site, the world of Amalur definitely has my full attention. They probably had me with a description a fan used in describing the game as “a dead RPG revived with the spirit of Tekken…”

Wanted to make sure those of you visiting the site that might not have heard of the game yet can go and check it out.

There is no official release date other than “2012” as of yet, but I’ll be sure to update the log when we get an update.


Atlus To Bring Persona 2: Innocent Sin to the U.S. this Fall!
May 24, 2011

This will definitely be gaming’s biggest news bite today, but I’ve been waiting for the U.S. release of Persona 2: Innocent Sin for so long that I can’t help but share it as well. This was just about the first thing I woke up to as I checked my e-mail at about 6:00 this morning and it definitely got me moving a little faster than I otherwise might.

Here’s what Atlus had to say in the Newsletter:

The only Persona game never officially released out of Japan is finally coming to North America, and it’s making the trip with a huge list of enhancements and additions. Are you ready to finally discover this lost chapter in the Persona series?

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Remastered Visuals and Audio
  • Remixed Musical Score (with options to toggle between that and original)
  • Streamline User Interface
  • New Quests
  • New Intro Animation
  • And More!

We love ya Atlus!

Xenogears on the PSN This [Tuesday]!
February 21, 2011

You can almost hear the cheers throughout the ‘net following the news that Xenogears finally hits the PSN later this week. So many fans have been looking forward to the chance to play this again, and on the go if downloaded to the PSP, so this PSN update is no doubt going to make a lot of folks very happy.

I know the ability to play one of my all-time favorites on a hand-held system is definitely something of a dream come true. Who would have thought back then that you would be able to play Xenogears while on a lunch break!? So, yea, Tuesday’s PSN update can’t get here soon enough!

More on Xenogears from the Playstation blog’s The Drop:

Xenogears is a turn-based RPG with a combat system that unifies the Square’s Active Time Gauge feature as well as a newly created combo system. The game chronicles the adventures of a young reluctant warrior named Fei, who, after three years of residing in a small, remote farming village begins a long, tortuous quest to uncover his mysterious past. With no memory of his life before being placed in the village leader’s care three years earlier, Fei makes a violent and tragic break with his peaceful life and sets out upon a journey. Along the way, not only will his own past be discovered, but he’ll also unravel the mystery of the planet’s past and humanity’s role in relation to it.

Radiant Historia is Just Around the Bend
February 8, 2011

Now if only the pre-order came with that tome!

Atlus’ Radiant Historia (DS) hits stores on Tuesday, February 15th at a retail price of $34.99 and I just wanted to remind anyone mulling over the purchase that in addition to the game (which is already receiving plenty of kind words) that those that pre-order will receive a soundtrack bonus (ah, gotta love Atlus!) featuring piano arrangements of music from the game by famed video game composer Yoko Shimomura.

Radiant Historia’s Japanese sister site has some a nice sampling of the music in the game if you’re so inclined and having listened to it for the last several minutes it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The piano arrangements are going to be a real treat.

Earth Seekers (Wii; Japan)
January 21, 2011

Earth Seekers (アースーシーカー) was announced in Japan as a Nintendo Wii title last June, but for one terrible reason or another it never made a blip on my radar and I’m only catching wind of it now. Though after diving into the details, seeing the battle system, and drooling over the concept art, developer Crafts & Meisters definitely has my attention.

Instantly appealing to the Legend of Zelda fan in me, the game looks to be a world I’d love to explore between it’s vibrant landscapes, lush fields, the giant beasts that roam its surface, and the various nooks and crannies we’ll be searching out alongside the game’s protagonist. Why all the exploration? It appears that in response to a threat to Earth’s very existence, refugee ships are charted into space carrying Earth’s inhabitants as well as their history with them, but when these ships crash on a vast alien world it is up to the game’s heroine to gather up the treasures once more .

Described as an action RPG that will appeal to a broad range of players, Earth Seekers is a meaty game with loads to accomplish and even takes advantage of the DSi to help round out the experience.

Or as Andriasang succinctly explains it:

Earth Seeker will have a companion DSi Ware mini game called “Odekake! Earth Seeker.” This app can be used to do such things as produce new items for use in the Wii version, and clean artifacts that you find along your adventure. Further details will be shared shortly.

As for the amount of time players can expect to potentially get from the game:

Funamizu is currently going through a test play session to check the game. He said that he’s managed to play for 60 hours and believes that he hasn’t even reached the half-way point. It looks like there will be plenty of volume in this latest Wii RPG.

Thus far Earth Seekers hasn’t been announced for North American shores, but there is hope for a Western release so assuming I catch wind of that news (particularly now that I’m looking) I’ll definitely be sure to share it. This would mark my first RPG experience for the Wii should it make it here so I’m crossing my fingers that it does. Looks like good fun.

Visit Earth Seekers‘ official JP site here and enjoy the newly released trailer below!

Miles to Go Before Final Fantasy XIII-2
January 19, 2011

I’m actually still playing through FFXIII (where so many fans find 120+ hours to play through these blockbusters seemingly each week is beyond me) and have enjoyed my time with the game so far. I can understand the linear criticism that many have leveled, but I really haven’t felt any negative impact as of yet and have enjoyed learning the battle system, particularly the paradigm shifts and summon assists.

Granted, I’m still getting to know the characters but I do have an early fondness for Lightning, so the news that she will be back in Final Fantasy XIII-2, which Square-Enix broke yesterday, is very welcome indeed. The new “getup” looks great as well! I’m just hoping I’ll have original finished by the game’s “Winter 2011” release here in North America.

A little more from Square-Enix on the announcement:

Production on FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is underway, and builds upon the best aspects of FINAL FANTASY XIII. In particular, a brand new story and evolved battle system promise to stand out markedly against the standard for high-quality content established by the previous title.

Product overview

Platform: PlayStation®3, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG
Release date: Available Next Winter
Copyright: © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved. CHARACTER DESIGN: TETSUYA

Of course, more news as we learn it.

"Why does mankind defy its fate?"


More of the 422nd in Valkyria Chronicles 3
January 14, 2011

The following video introduces more of the characters that make up Gallia’s 422nd special ops squad, otherwise known as the “Nameless.” It also features a very impressive musical score if you’ve got a moment to listen. It really strikes a sentimental chord and really hits home the nature of the conflict.

One of the many things that I found so captivating in the first two Valkyria titles were the “real characters” that comprised my squad. They really became unique individuals filled with gusto, quirks, and potential (in more ways than one with that last one). So on this front I’m really interested in getting to know the soldiers of Gallia’s first struggle whose stories have not been told, until now.

This is one of my most anticipated titles of 2011, and while I should probably be a lot more impatient for this to hit our shores, I’ve still got an awful lot of content in Valkyria Chronicles 2 left to enjoy before the 3rd installment heads heads our way. I’ve found it’s a lot easier to have a little patience when you really have been given a whole lot of bang for your buck in the previous games already.

Enjoy the trailer (love the old war footage presentation)!

A (Stuffed) Slime Draws Near!
January 13, 2011

I’ve had Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (DS) pre-ordered online since March of 2010 but thanks to Gamestop’s recent incentive, that every DQVI *pre-order comes with a plush Slime, I had little choice but to cancel the existing order and go ahead and pre-order with Gamestop (something I don’t really like to do truth be told but how am I supposed to resist the gaze of that stuffed slime!?).

It’s funny, I’ve got a ton of Dragon Quest related goodies, but I’ve never quite been able to snag one of these stuffed slimes, so this is a pretty good deal. If you’re a fan, you might consider Gamestop for your pre-order this round.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation releases in the U.S. on February 14, 2011.

*The bonus is good for both online and in-store orders.

[Thanks to Tiny Cartridge for the heads up!]

Xenogears, Vagrant Story & Legend of Mana (PSN)
January 4, 2011

News broke over the Christmas holiday that Square-Enix would be releasing Xenogears, Vagrant Story and Legend of Mana on the Playstation Network for play on the PS3 and PSP. Square-Enix had already brightened my holiday by announcing that Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (DS) was coming to U.S. shores Valentines day this year, then by offering Sliding Heroes (iPhone) free at the end of December, so the news that these games would be available on the PSN was just icing on the cake, and a great way to ring in the new year.

I’m most excited about Xenogears and Vagrant Story because while I own both of the original PS1 releases, it’s all I can do to get a good solid hour of game play in each day sitting in front of the console (if that) so the prospect of taking these on the go with me on the PSP has me champing at the bit. Xenogears has long been an all-time favorite of mine (as is its spiritual successor Xenosaga) so it will be a real treat for me to experience it again on the go. Vagrant Story will almost be a completely new experience for me as I’ve never had the chance to really immerse myself in the game as of yet and I hear I have a lot to look forward to in the battle system in addition to the engaging characters and story. Legend of Mana, while wholly unfamiliar to me, also looks like a winner so it looks like I’m enthusiastically scooping up all three PSN offerings as soon as they become available. I can only speak for Xenogears first hand, but do yourself a favor and don’t miss these, especially now that they’re so easily accessible.

I’ll be sure to update you when the games have a solid release date on the Playstation Store.

Sliding Heroes Discounted to Free at the iPhone Store +
December 21, 2010

Be sure to take a few minutes at some point before January 5th to jump on over to the iTunes App Store and download Square Enix’ well received Sliding Heroes for low, low price of free. I’ve had my eye on the game for months after spying Ryoma Ito’s (always impressive) promotional art on the title so this is the perfect chance to give it a try. Be aware that the graphics are drastically different, however.

You can also download Square-Enix’ Crystal Defenders, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Chaos Rings for a swan song. I picked up Chaos Rings last year to play on the train while traveling in Japan last year and it was a lot of fun, so at $5.99 it’s definitely a deal worth snatching up (in fact, I still have loads left to do in the game).

Sega is throwing their hat into the ring as well offering a myriad of titles at steep discounts, including Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 for $2.99 and most of their Genesis titles at .99 cents. You can take advantage of their discount offers until January 3rd.

[Source: Pocket Gamer]